Tactacam Film Through Scope


The Tactacam FTS enables you to film through your scope without any interference to your view. The best way to film your outdoor adventures, using top of the range equipment at an affordable price.

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Tactacam Film Through Scope (FTS) Camera System Adapter Mount 

This Tactacam adapter enables you to film through your scope without any interference to your scope or optics. It allows you to attach the Tactacam Solo, 4.0 or 5.0 camera, to your rifle scope and record video directly through your scopes view. The FTS scope mount is designed to increase the magnification of your Tactacam camera to film long-range shooting. Get exact point-of-view footage and capture exactly what you see from your scope when you take the shot. The FTS is extremely versatile as it adapts to most scopes and can be reversible for both left and right-handed shooters!

This FTS will not affect your optics. 

Tactacam Film Through Scope Specifications

  • Record directly through your scope
  • Adapts to most scopes
  • Does not affect your optics
  • Universal Fit – reversible for left or right hand
  • Tactacam Solo, 4.0 and 5.0 Compatible
  • Increases your Tactacam’s magnification through your scope
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • Tactacam FTS Camera System Adapter Mount ONLY
  • Tactacam Camera System Add On

DESIGNED BY HUNTERS: Years of research and design were poured into the FTS, resulting in a film through scope mount that is simple, durable, and doesn’t affect your shooting form. Tactacam is designed for modern day hunters and outdoorsmen using the best electronics available. After years of research Tactacam created a long distance, point-of-view scope mount that not only allows you to film through your scope but also adapts to left and right-handed shooters, fits to your existing Tactacam camera, and doesn’t affect your shooting form.


IMPORTANT: When you update the software of your Tactacam unit, make sure the battery is fully charged to 100%, and then begin the update.

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Additional information

Weight 430 g
Dimensions 130 × 120 × 105 mm


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