Tactacam Remote for 5.0 Hunting Action Camera


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Tactacam Remote for 5.0 Hunting Action Camera description:

After the initial pairing, this remote can control up to 5 Tactacam 5.0 or Fish-I cameras with only one button!

Functions include power on, auto record / pause / off.

When not recording, the remote conserves battery life with the auto-power-off feature, ensuring that you get the most out of your recording.

All cameras and remote will power down after 3 minutes when not recording, but don’t worry, they will all power back on just as fast with a push of the Tactacam remote button!

Tactacam Remote for 5.0 Hunting Action Camera Technology gives you the feedback you need, all on an LCD screen: Number of connected cameras, record length, remote battery life and the Green LED indicates recording, pause and On and Off.

Tactacam Remote can be used up to 100ft giving you the distance and control that you require over your cameras

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