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Introducing the Telescopic High Seat: Elevate Your Hunting Experience

Step into a new era of hunting with the Telescopic High Seat, a game-changing companion designed to redefine your approach to the wilderness. Engineered for efficiency, comfort, and adaptability, this high seat ensures you stay one step ahead in the pursuit of your prey.

Key Features:

  • Silent Telescopic Elevation: Ascend to your hunting perch with utmost stealth. The Telescopic High Seat features a silent telescopic mechanism, allowing you to rise quietly and maintain the element of surprise.
  • Camouflage Concealment: Enhance your cover with a camouflage design that seamlessly integrates into the natural surroundings. Enjoy optimal concealment to outsmart even the most elusive game.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in at a mere 12 kilograms, this high seat is your lightweight hunting ally. Easily transport it to your desired location, ensuring you’re ready to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.
  • Effortless Setup: Save time and energy with a high seat that can be assembled in less than 3 minutes after the initial setup. Maximize your hunting opportunities with swift and hassle-free deployment.
  • Sturdy Construction: Trust in the durability of the Telescopic High Seat. With a robust build, it provides a stable and secure platform, allowing you to focus on the hunt without distractions.
  • Adjustable Height: Tailor your vantage point with the telescopic ladder, reaching a maximum height of 2.6 meters or any level below. Adapt to varying terrains and secure the perfect position for your hunting strategy.
  • Convenient Rear Seat to Ladder Braces: Benefit from enhanced stability and support with the improved rear seat to ladder braces. The high seat is designed to withstand the challenges of extended hunts.
  • Stealthy Black Ladder: Elevate your concealment with a black ladder, minimizing visibility and ensuring you remain unnoticed in the natural environment.
  • Impressive Weight Limit: Despite its lightweight design, the Telescopic High Seat boasts a weight limit of 150 kilograms, accommodating a range of users without compromising on strength.

Gear up for an elevated hunting experience with the Telescopic High Seat, where innovation meets adaptability for the modern hunter.

Additional information

Weight 17000 g
Dimensions 670 × 180 × 940 mm


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