Thermal Spotter S1000


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Thermal Spotter S1000

Thermal Spotter S1000 for day or night use, picks up the thermal image of animals up to 500 meters. The lens is a fixed focus-free lens that does not need to be rotated during use.

See the thermal image of the 2 horses below, 200m in front of the Thermal Spotter. Notice also the heat signature of a Pheasant in the grass at the bottom right of the thermal picture. You would normally miss in real observation or with Binoculars.

S1000 manual


  • Press for 3s for power on/off
  • Short press to freeze/unfreeze the image

Zoom in

  • Short press to switch image between X2?X3?X4 Zoom
  • Press 3s to pop up/exit the cross cursor

Colors switch

Short press to switch colors variations including

  • Black background with White highlights
  • White background with Black highlights
  • Blue background with Red highlights
  • Blue background with Yellow highlights

Battery installation

  • Uses 2 CR123AA batteries.

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