Torch Filter Adapter



introducing the Flip-Up 44mm Torch Filter – the ultimate accessory for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. Available in striking Red and Green variants, this innovative filter enhances your hunting and spotting experience by optimizing visibility and maintaining night vision.

Key Features:

Color Options for Every Need:

  • Red Filter: Perfect for stealthy hunting, this filter preserves your night vision and minimizes the chances of startling animals. Ideal for reading maps and navigating without alerting your surroundings.
  • Green Filter: Provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier to spot animals without scaring them away or attracting insects.

Flip-Up Design:

  • Swiftly switch between filtered and unfiltered light with a convenient flip-up mechanism, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions in an instant.

Perfect Fit:

  • Designed specifically for 44mm torches, ensuring a secure and precise fit that won’t wobble or slip during use.

Lightweight and Compact:

  • Adds minimal weight to your gear, making it easy to carry and handle whether it’s in your hand, pocket, or attached to your belt.

Enhanced Hunting Efficiency:

  • Reduces glare and light reflection, preserving your natural night vision and giving you the tactical edge needed for successful hunts.

Upgrade your hunting gear with the Flip-Up 44mm Torch Filter and experience the difference in visibility, stealth, and success on your next outdoor adventure. Available now in Red and Green for all your hunting needs.


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