Saddle Mount for Rifles, Air Rifles and Air Guns


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Saddle Mount for Rifles, Air Rifles and Air Guns:

Cradle slide is spring loaded,screws in & out, & fits to a standard tripod with the nut inserted, so anything with that fitting.  Or any stick with a 1/4 unc 20 tpi screw

Suited for Rifles, Air Rifles, and Air Soft.

full extension of the clamp is 27 mm upto  70 mm gap

V-Tenons are strengthened with 2x 4mm steel pins in each leg.

Sides & base are covered with a 3 mm neoprene rubber to protect your gun.

Side plates are 14 mm thick excluding neoprene.

3d printed thumb turn with 8 x 1.25 steel stud

Approximate overall dimensions are 90mm long * 85mm deep * 100mm for cradle + thumb turn.



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