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Made in the UK with full metal gearing!

Guaranteed for 2 years.

Simply mount a dead bird decoy onto this machine and create the illusion of a bird landing among your decoy pattern to feed



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The Turbo Pigeon Flapper

A1 Decoy’s turbo pigeon flapper is made with robust metal gearing, unlike many others on the market. It is manufactured in the UK and comes with two-years guarantee.

Mount a dead bird decoy onto this fantastic machine and create the illusion of a bird with a flapping burst to encourage the birds to enter your decoy pattern to feed.



  • Imitates a bird coming to land
  • Set at 300RPM, the perfect speed for pigeons!
  • Unique wing hook design – traditional flappers only have a push stud to hold the wing which often fails so the Turbo Flapper has a wing hook design which prevents the wing from detaching from the unit during use.
  • Complete with a fully adjustable ground spike for use on any crop or ground.
  • The unit itself is powder coated in green and covered from view by the birds body when in use providing a realistic flapping bird decoy.
  • Made in the UK with full metal gearings
  • Fully guaranteed for 2 years

This is the most realistic on the market with natural wing beat our flappers also include a FREE timer that starts and stops the unit every 5 seconds this can also be removed so your flapper runs constantly if preferred with a adjustable ground spike is also included.

Available as a package with a battery of choice and optional charger. Please choose desired package from the dropdown menu.

All Turbo Flappers include a timer, so the flapper turns on and off every 5 seconds for ultra-realism.

Don’t fall for inferior copies, only the original Turbo Flapper from A1 Decoy comes with a 2 year no quibble warranty, and is designed and make here in the UK.

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A1 Decoy


No Battery, 1.2ah Battery, 7ah Battery, 12ah Battery, 17ah Battery


No Charger, 12v Trickle Charger


  1. ian poppett

    I have owned my turbo flapper for a long time now and has served me well, I think it is the best flapper on the market for feral pigeon and jackdaws, over the years I have used it with great success when other flappers wouldn’t work with smaller birds.

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