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UCaller Predator Call – Fox, Bird and Deer 

UCaller Electronic Remote Control Fox Call USB Hunting

‘The only caller you will ever need!’

This compact and versatile pocket-sized game call is packed full of features to satisfy the most experienced of hunters. The UCaller Electronic call has every feature you want and need! It is so easy to use with the included USB lead, you simply plug it into your PC and drag and drop the sounds you wish to have on your UCALLER. It has a loud and crisp sounding built-in speaker, that also comes with a remote, so you are able to operate your caller up to 100m away! There are also 8 of the most common calls already downloaded, so you can use your caller straight away!

UCaller Predator Call – Fox, Bird and Deer  Features

  • Pest control – vermin calling/scaring.
  • Remote control up to 100m.
  • Selection of any possible sounds via USB.
  • Rugged design, rubberised grip and rear belt clip.
  • High quality mp3/wma sounds.
  • High volume output via the built-in internal speaker (frequency output of 250Hz -20000Hz)
  • External speaker option for increased volume (sold separately).
  • Built in 3.7v lithium-ion battery rechargeable with the supplied USB lead

The unit comes pre-loaded with 8 real calls, that you can replace at any time. Included in the call are:

  • Dog fox
  • Vixen
  • Rabbit
  • Hare
  • Magpie
  • Crow
  • Hooded crow
  • Magpie chatter

Perfect to use with high seat, set up caller up to 100m away and control from high seat so the fox doesn’t come to the high seat

UCaller External Loud Speaker

The latest generation call speaker

Suitable for all ucaller calls and many others!

Brand new and ready to go!

Each unit is boxed

Highly discounted from RRP, don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

The sound is crisp and clear. This will give your caller a range of easily half mile even on the wildest of nights.

Effective to over 100db !

UCaller External Loud Speaker utilizes a standard 3.5mm mini jack so can be used with the entire ucaller range and most other callers.

Adjustable stand included complete with screw holes for a permanent fixing if needed.

Lightweight & pocket sized. 6″x4″x4″

Approx. weight 380g

All products sourced direct from the manufactures of UCaller

This is a call speaker, not designed for iphone/ipods/mp3 players

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