U-Caller Remote


Real call preloaded include fox vixen rabbit hare magpie crow hooded crow and magpie chatter Please note all these calls are changeable Caller can be

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U-Caller Remote

Real call preloaded include: fox, vixen, rabbit, hare, magpie, crow, hooded crow and magpie chatter. Please note, all these calls are changeable.Caller can be loaded with other calls, such as duck, goose, deer etc, simply plug the unit into your PC with the USB cable (supplied). Drag and drop any sound you wish onto the Ucaller.

U-Caller Remote Features:

  • The built in speaker comes with a remote control that will work up to 100m away.
  • Remote control works up to 100m.
  • External power option.
  • Optional internal or external speaker depending on volume required.

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