Ultimate Roe Deer Calling Set


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Ultimate Roe Deer Calling Set:

Ultimate Roe Deer Calling Set includes 2 calls & 2 DVD’s

Calling Roe Deer with Kristopher Klauson

Kristoffer Clausen is Norway’s top hunter and in these action-packed hunting DVD’s he shows us how to master the art of calling animals. Many hunts and action from start to end.

Learn how to master calling Roe Deer with this informative DVD.

Klaus Weisskirchen – Wildlocker Game Calls

A precious wood Roe Deer call with instructions and a DVD included.

  • Wenge Mount Bleat With 2 Slats And Silicone Rings
  • For Imitating All Emitted Female Deer Sounds As Well As A Rabbit And Ducks Mating Call
  • Hand Made And Tuned
  • Made In Germany

Weisskirchen Bleep Call For Roe Deer

  • Deer caller with a recessed thread ensuring product longevity
  • This call allows you to play the sound “Fiep Piu” characterising a fawn in distress
  • Comes with a DVD and a technical manual

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