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We Are Fully Booked For Boar Shooting Trip (CHESHIRE) Until Start Of Jan 2025

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Wild Boar Shooting Trip to the Forest of Dean or Cheshire description:

Receive a letter informing you of your purchase with the details. It is also a great present!

Wild Boar Shooting Trip to the Forest of Dean or Cheshire includes:

Boar weights approx. 65kgs – 80kgs as an average  of those previously shot. However we have shot up to 167 Kgs
You will then use the code on the letter  to book the days you choose!

Did you hear about the released/escaped boar?
Well, they keep coming back to see where they escaped from and trying to break into the pen where other boar are enclosed as quite a few of them are females. They can smell them from 40km away when they are in season. Estate rifle available but restricted to shooting over the field adjacent to the wood.

These evenings have very limited availability, your chances are high.

An evenings/Night  high seat shooting in the Forest of Dean .

Forest of Dean
£49.99 to book
Pay £150 to the keeper on the night (£150 per person/per night)
£1/ pound to keep any meat
(no charges to shoot)
This is truly Wild Boar shooting. The Forest of Dean has a high population of Wild Boar and our location is the first farm at the head of the valley leading to the forest. We feed  2 bait stations overlooked by a covered tower and one covered ground blind .We have had people shoot 3 in one night. We feed very hard in this area to give you the best chance, and space out outings so it is not overshot. Again to give you the best chance of shooting a Wild Boar. However these are wild animals and not guaranteed. But if you are quiet in your covered Blind you will give yourself a good chance. Blinds will take 2or 3 People. 

We are fully booked  for Boar Shooting Trip till start of Jan 2025

£49.99 to book
£300 to shoot and keep boar
Up to 160kg available

Please email us the person who is attending the shoots name, address and contact number. Also say if you’d like the certificate and letter to go to their address or your address (if its a present) We do charge slightly extra for gift wrapping.

We have a 7 acre enclosed woodland that has a good population of Wild Boar. If you would like to Guarantee to shoot a Wild Boar and bring it home or take it to a butcher for processing this delicious Animal. This is the place for you. Its best to shoot in the morning or early afternoon, Help is available on retrieval and grollocking. They can also recommend a Butcher for processing the Wild Boar.

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Forest of Dean, Cheshire, Exmoor, Cheshire SPECIAL (1 gun shoots 2 boar), Cheshire SPECIAL (2 guns shoot 2 boar)


  1. Thorge Block

    Had a great time shooting in the Forest of Dean! It was well organised and very worth the money. Having shot boar in Europe this felt much like being on the continent. The size of the beast was very good and the meat tasted amazing. They had equipment there for me to take part the beast and pack it.

  2. Terry O’Riordan

    Just got back from our trip to the Forest of Dean.

    Had 3 boar on the first night and a lovely 5 point roe buck

    No shots fired the second night but great laughs were had

    Recommend the belfry hotel great hospitality!

  3. Jason Smith

    Great shoot at the Forest of Dean, the high seats were so comfortable, had 2 boars the size of a hippo on the first night and 4 on the second plus a bonus tiger, 3 Roe’s and a giant Okapi. It was like hunting in Africa but with a raincoat. Overall a great experience, would love to visit again. The hunts were organised like clockwork. Thank you

  4. Jason Smith

    Amazing trip to the Forest of Dean hunting wild boar. There were so many that I had to really pick the fattest ones due to being spoilt for choice. On the first night got 2 boars the size of a good size hippo on the second night I got bored of seeing so many that I decided to take a Tiger, 2 elephants and red hind. The shoot was very well organised like clockwork. Will come again.

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