Spinning wing decoy for use with magnets or bouncers.
Grey flash on wings brings crows and jackdaws in from great distances.

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Air Pro Crow Decoy

Welcome to the most realistic, 3D flapping crow decoy in the UK and European shooting market!

The new air-pro crow decoy is the result of 15 months of design, testing and tough field trials and will absolutely transform your success in the field by making your magnet and bouncers 100% more effective. We have tested these units they are superb, giving fantastic spinning wings bringing in loads more birds when on a magnet.

‘We pulled crows in from 3 times the distance of dead birds!’

The secret of its success is in its ability to create an extremely lifelike ‘strobe’ effect of rapidly flapping wings, whilst using no batteries, cables, pulleys or external power of any kind. It is operated solely by the rotation of your pigeon magnet machine and needs no wind or even a slight breeze to perform brilliantly!

Birds are drawn to rapid flashes of the wings when responding to flock mates… hence the incredible success of this decoy!

Will fit any magnet or telescopic bouncer, just attach by tightening the thumbscrew bracket

What’s in the box?

  • Mounting bracket
  • Spinning wings
  • Crow decoy

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