The calling crow comes with a button on the decoy to switch on and off The new calling crow is based on our very popular full body flocked decoy with a button to switch on and off.

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Electronic Crow Calling Decoy

Calling Crow Decoy comes with a button to switch on and off!

The Electronic Crow Calling Decoy is based on our very popular full body flocked decoy. With a switch under the decoys tail for easy on – off switching. No external wires (It has a hidden battery compartment) and sounds very effective even from a distance, especially when you use 2 at opposite ends of your pattern! Also you can get some great photos of the crows and rooks flying into your decoy pattern.

We recommend using them with a horseshoe pattern with 12 Flocked Crow full body decoys or 12 x shells and 2 callers at opposite ends of the pattern.

Supplied with feet as well as an internal caller and battery compartment for 3 AA cells (not supplied) as standard.

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