Professional Pro Floater Bouncer


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Professional Pro Floater Bouncer with Optional Cradle & Pro-Flap Decoys

Our professional Professional Pro Floater Bouncer are one of the perfect options to add some movement to your pattern while out in the field. Now with the choice of pigeon or crow Pro-Flap decoys!


Pro-Flap Pigeon or Crow Decoys.

The proflap decoys have realistic wings, put in place by a flexible rod. The wings are non-tare and non-shine. They are tyvek printed for ultimate durability! High contrast wing markings.

Creates realistic flapping effect on our magnet or bouncer.

Metal bracket for strength, adjustable for high or low winds

Very effective decoying system. Used with our Turbo Flapper Crow version and our Flocked Crow/Pigeon Full Body Decoys.


Professional Bouncer Floater Poles

  • Spring steel for maximum movement
  • Internal bearing to always catch the wind
  • Powder coated green

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1 x Professional Bouncer & 1 x Crow Proflap, 1 x Professional Bouncer, 1 x Cradle and 1 x Crow Proflap, 2 Professional Bouncers & 2 Crow Proflaps, 2 x Professional Bouncer, 2 x Cradle and 2 x Crow Proflap, 3 x Professional Bouncers & 3 Crow Proflaps, 3 x Professional Bouncers, 3 x Cradle and 3 x Crow Proflap


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