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Now increased from 8 to 21 shooting areas throughout the UK. You stalk on your own and keep what you shoot. Maps supplied.

To avoid paying VAT and pay only £850 please pay directly into the Stalking Syndicate account – payment methods shown below.

Pay the full amount of £850.

Account Name: Stalking Syndicate & Stalking Club

Sort Code: 04-00-04

Account: 41424621 

By Cheque: Please make cheques payable to Deer Stalking Syndicate/Club and send to A1 Decoy Ltd, Chestnut House, Chesley Hill, Wick, Bristol BS30 5NE.

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Deer Stalking Syndicate

We offer a deer stalking syndicate based across 19 farms and 21 hunting areas.  We have three adjoining farms in Dorset where there are roe and occasional sika, and two other farms only 10-15 minutes away.  We also have a new block of 750 acres based 35 minutes away at Maiden Newton, Dorset, as well as two areas in Devon where both red deer and roe deer can be found.  We have seven new farms near Coventry,  Daventry and Rugby, on average between 350 and 400 acres, where muntjac, roe and fallow are present . These are all on direct lease. We have just added three farms a few miles north of Hereford, which are available for solo stalking using a map. Each location offers solo stalking with no charge. High seats and salt licks are in place. You will be given a comprehensive map of the grounds, and all venison can be kept.

Unaccompanied stalking for experienced stalkers is available in Galloway, South West Scotland and at Bury, West Sussex (High Seat). When you get to know the stalkers or gillies in other club areas, and they trust you, you will be able to stalk alone.

Membership is for 1 year from your joining date. Once you are a member of our syndicate, you will automatically become a member of our Deer Stalking Club.  A ghillie/guide will accompany you stalking, and you will have the opportunity to borrow his rifle if you do not have a Firearms Certificate.  We can help you to obtain your DCS1.


Deer Stalking Club – now with Wild Boar areas in the Forest of Dean!

On joining our syndicate, you will become a member of our deer stalking club in the United Kingdom. Due to a recent increase from 8 to 67 areas, more stalkers are required to manage the deer for the owners of the farms and woodlands.  You will be able to stalk on any of the farms and keep what you shoot with no extra charges. Permission for all calibre of rifles up to and including 300 calibres, therefore providing a reason to acquire firearms up to this calibre.  We have also just acquired a very productive sika stalking block in Ireland, where cull and trophy  sika stalking is now available to members.

This is a new concept and a great way of introducing new shooters to stalking as well as giving experienced stalkers access to new and exciting ground and deer species and Wild Boar hunting in UK.

This is not a sporting agency as it subsidises your stalking. This is a club that has been formed to help those who are both new to stalking and the experienced stalker. The club will guide new stalkers by offering assisted stalks to begin with, and once confident, it encourages solo stalking. The large variety of areas and access to all six species is available to both novice and experienced stalkers. The experienced stalkers has access to a massive acreage and all six deer species as well as Wild Boar in a wide variety of areas round the country.
For example:  new areas 10,000 acres in Yorkshire and 43,000 acres in Wiltshire as well as a great area in Dunstable for Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac. We are adding areas and expertise all the time. Our aim is to get ground within easy reach of all areas in the UK .


Deer Stalking SYNDICATE has 3 New Farms in Knighton just north of Hereford. 

Two beats over 750 Acres in Maiden Newton in Dorset, starting June 2023.

We are always looking to expand so we can offer out members the best stalking available locally or within easy travelling distance as well as weekends away.  

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club Photos, Reviews + More

Deer Stalking Farm – Dorset near Sherborne at Bagber

  • Easy “Book & Go” system
  • High quality Roe on site
  • No fees
  • Solo stalking from supplied map
  • 300 acres available

Deer Stalking Farm – Dorset Sturminster Newton at Hinton St Mary’s

  • 300 acres of good, quality ground including a water meadow which is very popular with roe.
  • Book and go direct lease – tower hide and high seat in place.
  • Book with farmer and HQ.
  • There is rough shooting allowed in season

Deer Stalking Farm – Moorside, Sturminster Newton

  • There are four high seats across the 250 acres with a 40-acre block across the local road.
  • There is also a small wood on adjoining farm which always holds Roe, and is often popular with Sika.
  • The high seats are in fixed points for shooting in safe zones.
  • Solo stalking and no costs.
  • Once booked on, you are supplied a detailed map of shooting grounds.
  • Keep the venison you shoot.

Deer Stalking Farm – Marnhull, Dorset

  • 110 acres of wet meadows and grassland hedges, small copses and some woodland a small river runs at edge of property.
  • There are Sika and Roe deer present.
  • The map must be studied carefully – there are 4 high seats so familiarise yourself with their location as there are some no shoot zones.
  • There is a Carp Lake so there is no shooting in that direction, however, the high seat enables safe shooting away from the Carp lake. This does not affect the deer in anyway.
  • Venison belongs to you at no cost. But please ensure clean up takes place if you graloch on site.
  • Direct leased stalk and rough shoot. Solo stalking.
  • Deer Stalking Farm – Hinton St Mary, Dorset
  • 175 acres
  • Situated between 2 woodlands being a typical pathway for deer making it an ideal location for shooting (treeline ditches are a haven for Roe!).
  • Sika also available.

Devon North and South of Tiverton.

We have just taken on 2 new areas consisting of 5 Blocks for Red and Roe deer. Again this is free stalking and High seats , 5 up so far on Direct lease so you will have a map and will be able to shoot on your own and keep the carcasses free of Charge. Red and Roe Deer available.

Seven  New Farms Near Rugby And Daventry and Coventry.

We have just acquired 7 new Farms near Rugby with easy access from the M1 and M40  one is approx. 350 acres and the other 400 Acres. Both have sheep on them but have a good Chunk of arable acreage as well with good field Margins. There is plenty of woodland in the Area.  With plenty of spinnies  and Deer cover. 5 more farms are also available in this area. Fallow, muntjac and Roe are the available Deer Species.

So in Summary the Syndicate gives you access to 17 Farms in Dorset, Devon, The Midlands and Hereford Areas allowing free Solo stalking or with a fellow member for Free with no extra fees and once a member gives you access to subsidised stalking via our Deer Stalking Club.

Deer Stalking Club

Our deer stalking club gives you access to the below locations, the syndicate farm and special offers on all the below sites. When you join the syndicate, you are given full access to the Deer Stalking Club locations. You can claim back up to £500 maximum of your £750 membership. Our Deer Stalking Club wants to encourage our members to go stalking, so contributes towards your stalking fees.

Large Estate in the West Sussex near Bury with Deer Park

  • An extensive and well renowned estate offering members solo stalking on high seat and guided stalking for beginners and those less experienced.
  • Outing = £120 (+VAT) August to November.
  • You can claim the net cost back from HQ, and you only pay the 20% VAT (£24).
  • ½ carcass given for every outing.
  • From November, we will cover 50% of cull animal costs (£100/outing, max of 2 animals). To include, but not guaranteed the first animal. These include: Fallow cull bucks, Roe cull bucks and Muntjac Buck or Doe. Subsequent Does £50.
  • Self-isolating accommodation is available for £80 per night, breakfast and evening meal available by arrangement. This can be shared by those in the same household, or those in support bubbles if you provide a sleeping bag (shepherds hut).
  • The estate will also give you ½ a carcass on each visit.
  • It is etiquette to always tip the guide at the end of your trip.

Wild Boar Shooting in the Forest of Dean AREA 1

  • £200 per standard outing (1 boar, 3-4 hours after dark)
  • The club refund’s you £100 for a maximum of 2 outings.
  • £300 for an extended outing until dawn (club will refund £120)
  • An estate rifle with night vision can be used free of charge
  • Carcass can be purchased if required.

Wild Boar Shooting in the Forest of Dean AREA 2 

£150 per outing (no limit on boar, can sit all night if you want)

  • The club refund’s you £90 for a maximum of 2 outings
  • An estate rifle with night vision can be used free of charge
  • Carcass can be purchased at Game Dealer rates.

Deer Stalking – Dumfries and Galloway (Now 5  new areas from February 2021)

  • You will be with an experienced stalker with access to all 6 species in Scotland, England and Wales.
  • Days will be on a 1-1 or 2-1 basis which will help improve the quality of training for beginners, and for those who feel uncomfortable in the field.
  • Red, Fallow and Roe stalking for cull animals in SW Scotland at a fee of £200 per person, per day including one cull animal per outing.
  • We also offer Stags, depending on availability each year at your cost.
  • The club will refund £140 per day.

Deer Stalking – Dumfries and Galloway

  • Various farms (23 included) over 20,000 acres.
  • Dumfires and Galloway – This has to be one of the most untouched areas.
  • The member pays the stalking guide £100, which you can claim back from HQ.
  • For the venison there is a £30 fee for Roe deer, and £75 for Red.
  • Goose and pigeon shooting are also available in season.

Deer Stalking – Devon Multi Blocks

  • Highly experienced stalker’s with access to a number of species (Red, Fallow, Roe and Muntjac).
  • 1:1 is preferred, but 2:1 can be accommodated if experienced.
  • Novices are not a problem, as long as individuals can shoot safely.
  • If you have DSC1, we are able to provide training for DSC2, as my associate and I are both AW’s.
  • Morning and afternoon stalking costs can be repaid in full. £80 an outing.
  • Take your ID card
  • Carcass is at whatever the game dealer is paying, in the skin, per lb (take enough for 65kg for a Fallow, 40kg for Roe or 25kg for Muntjac).
  • No trophy fees if it’s a good head, it’s your luck.

Deer Stalking – Thetford Norfolk – 4 species

  • 2200 acres
  • We pay outing fee and 50% of muntjac doe or buck below 5cm
  • Venison and trophies are at your own cost.
  • Roe, Doe or Cull Buck and 4 pointers, we pay 50% of your trophy costs.
  • Fallow buck is at your cost.
  • Red Deer: we pay Hind 50% (i.e £25.00) and a cull Stag £80 we pay (£40 refund), any trophies are your responsibility, a trophy varies from £150-£850.00
  • Other species CWD – We only pay your outing fees. You are responsible for any shot animal!

Deer Stalking – Kent-Tunbridge Wells

  • The guide provides a stalking service where Fallow deer are culled.
  • We will arrange for the member to contact the stalker and make their own arrangement while refunding the member £120.00 on each outing
  • Venison is at the cost of the stalker at game dealer rates.

Deer Stalking – West Country Deer Wiltshire Somerset Dorset

  • Another great addition to the syndicate offering extensive grounds in and around the West Country.
  • Covers Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and more.
  • It is an accompanied, training or on own in high seat opportunity.
  • The club will cover daily outing fees.
  • Species available: Roe Buck, Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer Buck, Sika Stag
  • Cull stag £180 and ask about fees for points.
  • Fallow cull buck £154 trophies please ask stalker.
  • Winter culling fees for Roe, Fallow and Muntjac with own rifle £200 per day.
  • Club will cover 75% and there are no other charges unless carcass is required and sold at current game dealer rate.
  • No limit on numbers shot, within reason.
  • Book direct and contact HQ informing them of booking and we need to have photos and a refund form completed then we can refund any outing fees.

Deer Stalking – Somerset 

  • 1,000 acres of land.
  • Roe deer available.

Deer Stalking – North Herefordshire Near Hereford Town

  • Muntjac & Fallow Buck stalking with stalker in North Herefordshire
  • A fantastic stalking area, great ground, horseshoe river area with fantastic woodlands.
  • £50 per stalk – morning and evening stalking = £100.00. (club pays all stalking fees on claim form).
  • £100 per muntjac – 50% of cost claim back from club.
  • £100-£200 Fallow buck – 50% claim back from club.
  • £20.00 muntjac carcass – own cost.
  • £1 per lb for Fallow buck Carcass -£50 contribution from club.
  • Single or double guns are welcomed.

Deer Stalking– Herefordshire , extra land added Shropshire and Powys

  • Yeld Hill Marsden near Kington, Herefordshire
  • 4000 Acres
  • Deer stalking only
  • Claim back stalking fees £100 prepay and carcass free . Muntjac, Roe and Fallow.Bucks £100 to £400 ,Does free.

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Deer Stalking Area – Chippenham Cambridgeshire

  • 12,000 various acreage over two areas.
  • Deer stalking only
  • We pay outing fee (£60/outing) and 50% of muntjac doe or buck below 5cm
  • Venison and any trophies are your own cost.
  • Roe Deer, doe or cull buck, plus 4 pointer we pay 50% trophies your cost – Fallow buck is at your cost.

Deer Stalking Training – Chippenham Cambridgeshire

  • Various Deer stalking training courses
  • Both classroom and practical including butchery and carcass preparation at our purpose built training facility
  • The club will pay £50 per day for any courses attended up to 3 days maximum
  • There is a 200 meter woodland range available for hire, at £15/hour, or £45/half day, instruction is at a cost of £25/hour, the club will cover 2 hours of this course for the stalker. We want to encourage you to improve! 

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Deer Stalking – Gloucestershire 

  • 7500 acres over 2 areas
  • Deer stalking only.
  • Roe, Muntjac and Fallow
  • £70 per outing (club pays back 75% stalk fees on claim form)
  • £50 cull roe buck
  • £80-£150 mature four pointer
  • £150-£250 mature, non-medal, six pointer
  • Fallow £120 (75% can be claimed back from HQ)
  • Muntjac £40 a doe including carcass (75% claimed back), Buck = £50 non medal, £100 bronze, £200 silver and £300 gold. Carcass available for £20.

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Deer Stalking or Rough Shooting Area – Isle-of-Sky Scotland

  • Eilean Larmain is by the Isle-of Ornsay and Isle-of-Sky. On the A851 (9 miles south of Broadford)
  • 22,0000 acres
  • 50% cost to members
  • £220 plus vat a stag and £120 a hind plus vat including outing fee.
  • We have rough shoot and a walked up shoot available at £110 per gun subsidised by club. (minimum 4 persons)

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Deer Stalking – Loch Lomond

  • At Alexandria near Loch Lomond there are 6 high seat areas in strategic places.
  • The scenery is stunning over the Clyde Estuary towards Greenock.
  • 350 acres of lovely Roe ground.
  • Bothy with wood burner and experienced guide and quad bike for easy extraction.
  • Stalking fee £120 cash (you claim it back ) a cull animal is £75.00 and it is yours to do as you please.
  • Bronze £125, Silver £175.00 Gold £225.00 are between you and the guide.

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Deer Stalking – Norfolk 

  • £160/day including 1 muntjac or 1 roe. The cost is 100% covered by the club.
  • September 2020 – April 2021
  • Roe available near Fakenham between April 2020 – October 2020.
  • Roe costs: first included, second animal – four pointer is £60 (20% covered by the club £12) six pointer is £100 (20% covered by the club £20).
  • New and untouched ground, plenty of bucks!

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Deer Stalking – Norfolk at Roxham

  • Superb stalking ground with large variety of deer species, £80 for a single morning or evening. 100% claim back from the club.
  • £140 morning and evening stalk (100% claim back).
  • Roe Deer – Doe £45 (80% claim back). Bucks £100 (50% claim back).
  • Fallow Deer – Doe £70 (50% claim back). Pricket £75 (50% claim back). Sorrel £90 (50% claim back)
  • Red Deer – Spiker £120 (30% claim back)
  • Muntjac Deer – Doe £40 (85% claim back). Buck 7cm £140 (40% claim back). Buck greater than 7cm £180 (45% claim back)
  • Chinese Water Deer – Doe £200 (25% claim back). Buck below medal class £220 (25% claim back).
  • Agree medal class with stalker.
  • Carcasses can be purchased at game dealer rates.

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Roe Deer Stalking over 13 farms – Yorkshire

  • £65 outing fee
  • 10,000 acres
  • 13 farms
  • £65 per doe
  • Single or double guns welcome
  • Available with stalker assistance

Fallow Deer Grantham Leicestershire

  • Accompanied stalk across acres of mixed terrain
  • £125 per stalk (club will pay 50%)
  • £100 cull animal (club will pay 50% towards 1 cull animal)
  • £250 Palminated animal (club will pay 20% towards 1 animal)
  • single or double guns are welcome

Deer Stalking at Bedfordshire at Dunstable

  • Chinese Water Deer, Muntjac & Fallow stalking with local experienced stalker
  • Nice ground, main focus is on Chinese Water Deer

Deer Stalking Knighton

  • No restrictions on shooting foxes

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Deer Stalking Somerset Roe & Fallow Deer

Hunting will vary between locations and can be a mixture of high seats and hunting on foot, so something for everyone. The is an ideal opportunity for novice hunters to gain experience of more proficient deer stalking and Gralloching. All stalking is accompanied by a guide.

Daily stalking fee is £200- The syndicate will pay £100 a visit. This includes 1 doe culled

Extra animals may be taken but will be charged for
Roe Doe – £50.00 – club will pay £25 towards animal.
Fallow Doe – £70.00 – club will pay £35 towards animal.
Fallow Pricket – £120.00 – club will pay £45 towards animal
Fallow Sorel – £150.00 – club will pay £50 towards animal
Fallow Sore – £250.00 – club will bay £65 towards animal

Current 2023 Syndicate

Subsidized Deer Stalk in Somerset near Frome

This is a 750 acre. Block of ground and the stalker will be looking after
you, it will be a mix of high seats (17 odd) and on foot stalking around the
grounds. Roe and Muntjac.

£75.00 outing – we will pay 100%
£100 per cull Roe buck – we will pay 80%
Any trophies we will contribute £80.00
Muntjac Cull Buck – £65 we will pay 100%
Muntjac Trophy – £100-120 depending on animal we will pay 50%
Roe Doe – £65 – 100%
Muntjac Doe – £50 – 100%

Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

Maximum claim back from the club is £500 from the £750 of your membership. Membership reduces by £50 per year as a loyalty bonus. To a minimum of £600.


Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club Deer Stalking Syndicate and Deer Stalking Club

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  1. Ben clark

    Currently on my second year with the syndicate. Myself and my neighbor joined just to get out to different areas. We have both been successful with the deer stalking I have taken several roe and muntjac and my neighbor has had good success on the fallow.
    Great estates in Hereford and Gloucster and have mate excellent guides who have great knowledge and high quality deer on site.
    Very happy with the syndicate and good value for money.

  2. Mike Idziaszczyk

    Ive shot with the syndicate for 3 seasons on several blocks of land in Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset. Ive seen deer on most outings and even managed to shoot several nice roe bucks each year. There is certainly plenty of land to hunt over – my biggest problem being a lack of time to stalk the grounds the syndicate has available in Scotland – maybe next year! New ground is being added to the syndicate all the time and I’m assured that the refund of stalking/carcass/trophy fees works very well although I haven’t submitted any claims to date. I’ve been very pleased with my syndicate membership so far and Mark has been very helpful in his advice and guidance on the available stalking. Definitely recommended!

  3. P Genon

    I’ve been a member of the syndicate for 3 years now and have successfully stalked in many different areas although there are many more to explore. I look forward to rejoining the syndicate for yet another year. Every time I’ve been out I have found the guides to be very knowledgeable and helpful and with Mark’s expertise and support as well, I learn more every outing. The refunds are immediate and never any problems. Highly recommended.

  4. Martin Shaw

    I have been a member for 4 years now and really like the different opportunities it gives me access to. From free stalking and high seats shooting and keep what you shoot, to having that bit of help from the experienced Stalker who knows the ground and where the likely hood of success is most likely to be. So you can choose to sit in a high seat or Stalk on your own. Or shoot some Fallow or Reds and have a Gilly and quad bike on hand to help with the extraction. Its also good to have access to all the 6 Species of UK deer. In fact I have made the most of the syndicate and shot all 6 species of UK deer now. And as a bonus the club has a loyalty program and its £50 cheaper to join even year for the 1st 3 . Great value for money and the claim back system works very well.

  5. Chris walley (verified owner)

    I have joined the syndicate this year, unfortunately with Covid Lockdown I’ve had to wait for travel restrictions to be lifted before being able to take advantage of getting to the leases in Dorset or any of the contacts for guided stalking.
    I’ve been out twice on the Gloucestershire area with the Head Forester a friendly knowledgable gentleman who works hard to get you onto deer.
    I’ve managed to get down to one of the Dorest leases, to get the layout of the land and high seat locations, saw two roe does (one with kid in tow) Within an hour of being there.
    Looking to take full advantage of all the contacts and the solo stalking leases.

  6. Simon

    First year with the syndicate but so far having a great time. Seen deer every outing (what more could you want?)!

    Excellent value for money and a great way to get around the country and try different things.

  7. a1decoy

  8. Edward Ryle

    I had a fantastic and successful first syndicate stalk last Friday down here in Somerset with one of the partners, Adrian Curnock. He was a very knowledgeable and friendly guide and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

    Met Adrian at farm yard near Pitney, Somerset for introductions at 17.30 on 27.8.21.
    Weather was dry and a little overcast with a light breeze.
    We began by stalking a cider apple orchard block where roe can lay up between the rows of trees. Did not see anything here.
    Shortly afterwards we were picked up by Adrians colleague Steve and taken out on the back the shooting truck over the moor. The truck bed gave us a good vantage point to glass for deer with binoculars and thermal. A doe was spotted at 150m and several bucks at much further distances (500m+) but after a few stalks on foot away from the vehicle we decided to head off the moor to a wood with a high seat.
    Sunset was approaching and we left the vehicle at around 19.30 to begin a slow and careful quarter mile walk through a wooded lane/track towards the high seat. The track we walked was on the bottom side of a long, narrow grass field that itself was below a hanging wood skirting the hill. We regularly stopped to check in the field for any signs of deer coming out of the wood as they had been regularly spotted.
    We reached the high seat at around 20.00, just before sunset but before we could climb up a pair of young roe were spotted in the field around 50m in front of the high seat so we watched and waited for these to move off as they weren’t suitable animals to shoot. I then spotted a more mature buck emerging from the wood up the hill. So as not to spook the animal we crawled to the base of the high seat and set up the rifle resting on the bottom rung of the high seat ladder. We could see it was a decent, mature 6 point buck and we watched for a good 15-20 minutes as he came further across the field towards us. By the time a shot presented itself i was shaking like a leaf with adrenaline so i did not take the shot initially and calmed my breathing. After a wait of just a few more minutes he turned to a good position and i took the shot to drop him on the spot at a distance of 106m at about 8.20pm. It was a top of the heart shot just behind the shoulder.
    We immediately retrieved the carcass and took it back to the vehicles to gralloch with the last of the light.

    Overall a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a magnificent trophy for my first roebuck!

    The cost of the stalk was £100 plus the trophy fee was £300 for a large 6 pointer. I also bought the carcass for £44 (£1 per lb).

  9. Zane

    Went out yesterday with Derek at short notice and he had another nice spot near my place in Hindon.
    Met up at 6.20pm to have a look around and immediately found a large group of roe bedded down out of the wind.

    Decided its worth a closer look and stalked in on them via the adjacent hedgerow.
    Derek said we would try identify a cull buck or two and then I would stalk ahead and get a shot if safe..
    We managed to get to about 120m crawling over to a large tree.
    Spotted 2 shooters which I had a good position on one standing broadside Derek could not see.

    So he told me to take it if it was the right one and I got the shot off. Hit slightly further back than I had aimed, enough to take out both lungs.
    Buck ran about 30m and dropped dead.
    Overall Derek was happy with the animal we selected and I am happy for the meat going in the freezer.

    We hunted on till 9pm almost getting another opportunity but the buck did not stay long enough.

    Saw some fantastic trophy

  10. Zane

    Spend yesterday afternoon on the two farms trying for another Roe buck.
    I arrived around 6.20pm at Jims place. Decided to cross into Hayes and use a High seat there with better view of the area.

    (Found that buck that was hit by a vehicle hidden in the hedges out of site, the dog picked up on his scent.)
    Once up in the seat I spotted 2 Does feeding early on, so felt confident a buck would turn up at some point.
    As the evening went on I just watched the Does and called one of them in for fun.

    Around 8:20 decided to move north to see some more fields as I was having no luck with the bucks.
    Found a couple more Does on my way to the north side of the big wood to cross back to Jims.
    As I was coming up to the gate there was a Doe in the field and she had a nice Buck with her.
    Finally some luck as then situation was good, a safe backdrop for a shot.
    All I had to do was get to the gate and set up the shot. As these things go I was silhouetted in the gap trying to set up for the shot.

    Both deer started to make for the wood, stopped on a call but was not safe to take a shot with them so flighty.
    Just watched them head into the wood next to me.

    Next time I will hopefully learn from my mistake!
    Overall a lovely evening with plenty of deer seen.

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