Infiray Iray Tube Night Vision Scope TD50L



Model: TD50L
Resolution: pixels 1440*1080
Frame Rate: Hz 50
Objective Lens: mm 50 (F1.0)
Field of View: o 6.6×4.9
Magnification: x 4.0~14.0
Smooth zoom Support
Eye Relief: mm 70
Diopter Adjustment: D -4~+4
Resolution: pixels 1280×960
Video record resolution: pixels 1440*1080
Capture resolution: pixels 1440*1080
Detection range: m 600
Battery Built-in 6600mAh and a replaceable 1500mAh
Max. Operating Time (at temp.=22 oC) h* >16
External power supply 5V (Type C USB)
Diameter of the riflescope body to assemble the mounting rings: mm 30
Max. Recoil Power on Rifled Weapon: g/s2 1000
Degree of protection: IP code IP67
Amount of built-in memory: GB 16
Weight (without replaceable battery): g <1000
Dimension: mm 395×85×75
APP Support
Smart range finder Support
Electronic compass Support
Motion sensor Support
IR illuminator Included
Max Power of IR illuminator: w 2.2

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Infiray Iray Tube Night Vision Scope TD50L

Infiray Iray Tube Night Vision Scope TD50L, 1440*1080, 50Hz, 50mm lens
Meet with TD50L NV Riflescope

Excellent NV Capability
Combination of 50mm/F1.2 large and quality objective lens with 1440×1080 resolution CMOS HD sensor with ultra-low light performance and high definition display, powerful IR Illuminator, integrated highly effective algorithm, etc. make the TD50L the perfect digital night vision riflescope with excellent nighttime sensitivity and night vision capabilities for users, even on moonless nights.

Three Image modes
There are three image modes inside of the TD50L-Day mode, Moon mode and Star mode. Under the Day mode there is an extraordinary display of true colors to the authentic scene in visible sight. Under the Moon and Star Mode TD50L not only seek to offer users ultimate nighttime visibility but also offer a clear imaging display in the view range of observation without any delay. The specially designed Star mode still creates a clear night vision range even in ultra-low-light conditions or a moonless night.

600 m Night time Viewing Range
The TD50L is a perfect tool for detecting targets such as a wild boar or deer at distances ranging up to 600 meters in nighttime as a result of the combination of the best nighttime sensitivity in its class, HD resolution display, a wide selection of brightness adjustment and the powerful external detachable IR for moonless nights, etc.

4x-16x Smooth Continuous Zoom
The base magnification of TD50L increases by four times – from 4x to 16x.  Compared with normal integrally multiple zoom-in, TD50L allows users to zoom continuously and gradually from 4x to 16x where is a customized field of view and smooth zoom of screen display can be enjoyed. A flexible zoom-in and out function can be handled in your hands.

Dual Power Supply System
TD50L digital NV riflescopes are powered with two kinds of rechargeable batteries: built-in 6600mAh battery and the other replaceable 18500 battery located in the battery compartment which supports a over 13H battery life. When discharge of the battery in the battery compartment, the riflescope switches automatically to the built-in battery. The replaceable 18500 battery can be removed and replaced in seconds without intermediate shutdown happens on the riflescope.

Compatible with Standard 30-mm Scope Rings
The newly designed standard 30mm-diameter tubular appearance allows the TD50L to be installed on standard 30mm scope rings and easily mounted on a rifle’s Picatinny rail system with simple operation, stability and reliability. It is a classic also practical construction design.

Powerful 850nm/940nm IR Illuminator
The TD50L is supplied with an optional 850nm or 940nm IR illuminator to allow for increased illumination while staying undetected to the target. Three adjustable IR power levels allow the user to choose their preferred illumination level based on the range to your target, or environmental conditions.

IP67 Protection Rate
The TD50L features an IP67 level of protection, which means it is fully waterproof and dustproof. The riflescopes are able to operate in high humidity, heavy rain or precipitation of any intensity and survive a long time and the 1m-deep submersion.

Picture-in-Picture Mode (PIP)
The Picture-in-Picture function in the TD50L improves aiming accuracy by providing a 2x-magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display. It helps users to zoom in on a target while maintaining visibility of the entire field of view for increased situational awareness.

New Freeze Zeroing Function
New function is developed inside the TD50L-Freeze Zeroing. The biggest advantage brought by this special function is the flexibility on moving your guns when zeroing and without any influences on the zeroing data that is kept inside of storage.

Integrated Wi-Fi and InfiRay APP Support
The built-in Wi-FI module of TD50L allows users to connect NV riflescopes with devices using the InfiRay Outdoor APP. This connection will open up a range of options for users such as photo and video storage, etc. as well as other features options under development.

Useful Reticles Design
TD50L digital night vision riflescope has 6 optional basic reticles to fit users’ different preferences, when users zoom in or out the screen display by rotating the knob, the reticle scales up or down proportionally to the riflescope’s magnification changes and remain constant on dimension and details part, allow users to adjust for various shooting distance needs.


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