LED Green Scope Mounted Lamp 125mm Wild Boar Hunting

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First of its kind, super-bright and super-light. 125mm and only 370 grams. 4.2 V and 2.2AH rechargeable Lithium battery gives you between 5-6 hours of use.

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First of its kind, super bright and super light. 125mm and only 370 grams! No filter used. Cree super-bright high penetration. Perfect for Wild Boar spotting as they do not see green light very well (the same as using red for foxes). Deer are also the same with green light. Great for spotting deer without disturbing them, for shooting in the morning.

  • 4.2 V and 2.2AH.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Lithium battery.
  • Gives you between 5-6 hours of life between charges.
  • Wireless.
  • 1000 lumens, giving you a 400m range!
  • Lightweight ergonomic design.

Fits 25mm with supplied insert and 30mm scopes

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