LightForce Mounted Gun Lamp with Optional Filters

Either buy on its own or add a filter!

Red Filter – perfect for foxes

Infra Red Filter – perfect for night vision

Green Filter – perfect for Wild Boar and Deer

Amber filter – perfect for foxes and fog

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LightForce Mounted Gun Lamp with Optional Filters 170mm

It features a 12V 100 watt Xenophot bulb which produces more light than standard halogen bulbs resulting in a superior brilliant white light. They are made with light weight and hi-strength engineering polymers and use high-impact ‘lexan’ poly carbonate lens along with corrosion resistant aluminium reflector for optimum performance. It is one of the most popular light force models worldwide.

Weight: 1.71kg


You will recieve

1 x LightForce 170mm Mounted Lamp

1 x Filter of choice

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Red, Green, Amber, Infra Red


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