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Introducing our Magnum Flocked Pigeon Shells – where decoying reaches new heights with a perfect blend of size, quality, and innovation. Decoying just got BIGGER and BETTER with these high-quality flocked pigeon shells designed for the discerning hunter.

Exceptional Quality: Step into a new era of pigeon decoying with our Magnum Flocked Pigeon Shells. Crafted to the highest standard, these shells feature a flocked exterior that eliminates shine in both rain and sunshine. Say goodbye to unnatural reflections and hello to a decoy that stands out for its exceptional quality and realism.

Stackable for Easy Storage: Experience unparalleled convenience with our stackable design. These pigeon shells are engineered to be stacked, making storage and transportation a breeze. No more struggling with bulky decoy setups – our stackable design ensures that you are always ready for action, wherever your hunting adventures take you.

Multi-Positional Realism: Adapt to different hunting scenarios with the multi-positional feature of our pigeon shells. Choose between head-up or feeding positions to create a dynamic and realistic decoy spread. This versatility is designed to attract pigeons from afar, providing you with the edge needed for a successful hunt.

Flat Topped Pegs for Subtle Movement: Our Magnum Flocked Pigeon Shells come complete with flat-topped pegs, allowing them to rock back and forth softly in the wind. This subtle movement adds an extra layer of realism to your decoy spread, imitating the natural motion of pigeons in the field. Hunt with confidence, knowing that your setup is not only realistic but also irresistible to your target.

Lightweight, Durable, and Ultra-Realistic: Experience the perfect trifecta of qualities – our pigeon shells are lightweight, durable, and ultra-realistic. Crafted for ease of use and longevity, these shells are the ideal companion for every hunting expedition. The flocked exterior ensures that every detail is captured, providing you with decoys that are both effective and visually stunning.

Upgrade your decoying game with the Magnum Flocked Pigeon Shells – where BIGGER and BETTER become the new standard for success in the field.

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