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Meet our Magnum Pigeon Shell – the game-changer that makes pigeon hunting easier and more effective for everyone!

Decoying just got more exciting! Our XL decoys are extra-large, bringing in birds from even further away. Get ready for an upgraded hunting experience!

Extra Large for Extra Attraction
Our Magnum Pigeon Shells are big, making them super noticeable to birds. The high-quality plastic material ensures they look just like real pigeons, fooling birds from a distance.

Easy Storage with Stackable Design
No more hassle with bulky decoys! Our Magnum Shells are stackable, making storage and transportation a breeze. Stack them up, and you’re good to go whenever the hunting mood strikes.

Versatile Positions for Realism
These shells can stand or feed, giving you the flexibility to create a realistic decoy spread. It’s like having real pigeons in your hunting setup, attracting birds with ease.

Gentle Rocking Motion
Each shell comes with flat-topped pegs, so they rock forward and back in the wind. This subtle movement adds a lifelike touch to your decoy spread, making it even more convincing for incoming pigeons.

Perfect Size and Lightweight
With a size of approximately 60cm length and 15cm wide, our Magnum Shells are just the right size. They’re lightweight, durable, and flexible, providing the perfect blend of realism and convenience for hunters.

Peg Included, Ready to Go
Each Magnum Pigeon Shell comes with its peg, so you’re all set for action. Choose the quantity you need, and you’re ready to bring in those pigeons.

Upgrade your pigeon hunting game with the Magnum Pigeon Shell – where simplicity, size, and realism meet for a hunting experience like never before!

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