• These salt licks are ideal for attracting deer into the exact area in front of high seats as deer and boar regularly visit these licks to get their nutrients.
  • Best used mounted on a round post off the ground.
  • 10kg approx

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Mineral Salt Licks for Deer & Wild Boar

KNZ WILD is specially developed for wild game. The special recipe for wild game is developed by thorough lab analyses of liver samples of shot deer. The mineral and trace element deficiencies in the liver samples provided essential information for the ingredients of the KNZ WILD lick. The salt lick contains not only sodium and chloride, but also magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium, and iron. Besides contributing to the mineral and trace element need, the KNZ lick also attracts animals to the feeding station.

Mineral Salt Licks Individual Need

How much salt an animal needs depends on its age and the season. This is why our salt licks cover the actual needs of an animal. To prevent deficiency symptoms with the animals they contain micro nutrients and natrium. By using these salt licks you can make sure that your animals get exactly what they need. They visit them time after time and are an excellent attraction for all deer, especially red, roe and fallow as well as wild boar. We use no artificial colourings, odorants or flavours.

Wild game have a high need for salt and minerals, as not all these essential elements can be consumed from vegetation in the right amounts. Animals with a mineral deficiency lick on all kinds of objects like: wood, dirt, and rocks. They can even look for road salt in winter, which increases the risk of traffic accidents. For this reason, the provision of the right amount of salt is of high importance for game animal’s health. How can you make sure that every animal takes the right amount of salt to stay healthy and fertile? Natural feeds and additional nutrition are not a guarantee for success. The need for salt varies between animals. How do you handle this? And how do you meet the needs for salt when it is becoming less accessible in nature due to seasonal changes and continuous acidification?


Nature has the solution. As long as wild game has access to salt, the animals will take exactly what they need. By providing wild game KNZ™ WILD salt licks, you give these animals access to high-quality vacuum salt, which is purified. Moreover, KNZ salt licks are produced without adding artificial colourings,
flavours, sweeteners, molasses or aromatics. This way, the animals are not tempted to take more than they need. Additionally, KNZ salt licks attract animals to the feeding station.

Trace Elements

KNZ salt licks contain purified vacuum salt of the highest quality. On top of this, all other essential minerals are provided in the lick. For wild game, these minerals are an important addition to their natural feeds. This way, KNZ salt licks boost every animal’s health.


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Weight 10 g

Mineral Salt Lick, Standard Salt Lick


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