Napier Bore Cleaning Material


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Used to clean inside the barrels with a Jag (the plastic head you put on the end of your cleaning rod to hold the cloth/cleaning patch) and on the outside of the gun as a cleaning cloth.


Ultra Clean fabric is literally a BRUSH and a MOP on a single roll. The Rough side has a safe abrasive action that scrubs the bore, but unlike a brush it will hold the dirt particles and remove them completely. Give the barrels a quick spray with Napier Gun Cleaner, then another pass with the highly absorbent SOFT Mop side of the fabric and the job is done.
Ultra Clean is self amalgamating ( It bonds to itself like Velcro) and will not unwind on a cleaning rod, it is also ideal to wrap around your hand and use as a POLISHING MITT, to clean and handle barrels and wooden stocks. This unique feature is simple and highly effective, say goodbye to old soiled dusters and rags, Ultra Clean ensures a new clean surface every time.


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