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Our Professional Flying Pigeon Deceivers are the perfect flying option to attract pigeons into your decoy pattern. They are designed for standing crops like barley and rape and have also been found to be a great lead-in decoy for a decoy pattern. Even with the slightest amount of wind, they fly above the crops, highlighting to the pigeons where the feeding activity is. They add movement to your pattern while emphasizing a feeding area in the field. Supplied in pairs, they are most effective at attracting groups and pairs of pigeons, as well as singles. Try these new decoys—you will not be disappointed.

Flying Pigeon Decoys

The Flying Deceiver Decoys are lightweight, easily deployed, and feature fantastic realistic wing patterns and markings. The wings are non-tear, non-shine, and very durable. The decoys have high contrast with realistic markings, creating a realistic flying and floating effect even in slight wind.

Ground Poles and Flying Wire

The flying wire is made of spring steel for maximum movement and lightweight construction. The ground spike is lightweight and comes in two sections for easy transport.


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Pigeon Decoys

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  1. Kenny cooper (verified owner)

    Hi a1 decoys, thank you for my order, it wasn’t what i expected, the pigeons are great,i found that there is glare on them when the sun gets on them at certain angle, also found the metal stakes very flimsy, and not tall enough and would snap off in strong wind, i have worked out that problem by using a couple of night hawk hide poles, which works great, i can use them at low level with the inner section and up high with extending the inner bar, on the whole, a bit pricey for what it is, but do work very well, ive only tried them at home, hopefully will get them out into the field.

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