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Plastic Pigeon Bucket Seat Deal

Full Body Plastic Pigeon Decoy x2

  • Bright white wing and neck bars
  • Great blend of colours and texture for ultimate realism
  • Includes peg and feet
  • The most realistic and cheapest 3 position decoy!
  • High quality
  • Fantastic colour and detail

Plastic Pigeon Decoys x10

  • Highly realistic decoys, great colours and high definition feather design
  • Multi-position, 2 holes to either use “feeding” or “upright” to create some diversity and interest to your pattern, all with one decoy!
  • Rocker pegs included (not spring so you still get the movement without the fragility of springs)
  • Full life size
  • Stack inside one another for easy transportation and storage
  • High quality plastic which allows a small amount of flex rather than just shattering like cheaper decoys

Extra Tall Bucket Seat x1

  • Seat height 50cm and 30cm wide
  • 8cm taller than other manufactures, it makes all the difference when getting up and down
  • Padded swivel seat
  • Doubles up as storage
  • Quick and smooth rotation


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