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Introducing our Air Pro Pigeon Decoys – a revolutionary addition to your decoy arsenal, featuring flocked textures and dynamic spinning wings for an enticing and realistic pigeon decoy experience.

Motion-Powered Spinning Wings: Experience unparalleled realism with our Air Pro Pigeon Decoys. The spinning wings are magnetically activated by the PIGEON MAGNET MOTOR, creating lifelike motion without the need for wind. Watch as these decoys come to life, adding an irresistible and natural touch to your hunting setup.

Ideal for Magnets and Bouncers: Perfectly suited for use with magnets and bouncers, these decoys are designed to complement your existing equipment seamlessly. Enhance the effectiveness of your setup with the dynamic movement provided by the spinning wings.

Convenient Mounting Bracket: Effortless fitment is at your fingertips with the convenient mounting bracket located on the underside of each decoy. The design ensures easy and secure attachment, allowing you to focus on the success of your decoy pattern.

Movement Without Electronics: Enjoy the benefits of enhanced movement without the need for electronic devices when using these decoys on a bouncer. The Air Pro Pigeon Decoys provide a natural and realistic wingbeat effect, enticing pigeons to land within your decoy spread.

Flashy Wing Beat Effect: A thoughtful touch – a quarter of each wing is painted white, creating a flashy wingbeat effect. This attention to detail adds a visual allure, mimicking the flash of wings in motion and making your decoy pattern even more irresistible.

Upgrade your decoy game with the Air Pro Pigeon Decoys – where innovation meets convenience, bringing your pigeon hunting experience to new heights.

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